Monday, July 12, 2010

Seaport Village

Yesterday we slept in. After walking John to work at lunchtime, I walked back to Seaport Village to explore. I didn't spend much time in the area the day before and I really wanted to see what the place had to offer. Probably the best thing is the live music.

For the first time since we arrived, it was sunny. I took a break from walking around for a little while to bathe in the warmth of the rays. Of course, the one sunny day was the day I forgot to slip some sunscreen into my purse. I ended up getting a pretty wicked burn on my face and neck. My legs and arms just got a little brown.
One thing that I like about Seaport Village is that even if it is a little kitsch, the landscaping is amazing. They really put a lot into making it a beautiful place to shop.
Here is a really cool guy balancing rocks on top of one another. He was trying at this particular rock for at least a good 15 minutes. I watched for a little while and then walked away.
When I walked back that way, he was still working on the same rock but I got to see him finish.
I also saw some venomous marine life. This big jelly was just chilling in one of the boat harbors. I also saw a bunch of little sting rays. I have a cute story. There was a little girl sitting on a wall looking down at the water shouting, "Mama, mama! Es un Monterrey!" The mom was sitting at a table with some other people and they all started laughing. Then the mom corrected the girl, "Manta-ray" I went over and stood by the girl, looking into the water to see for myself and she just started chattering away in Spanish about how it was just a baby and really little and it had already left, probably to find little fishes to eat.
Here's a pic of the causeway. Another thing that reminded me of home -
And of course, our San Diego blog recap wouldn't be complete without some fireworks. I met up with John for dinner at Buster's Beach House. He had a steak that he tried (and failed) to get me to taste because it was apparently pretty delicious. I, on the other hand, had the vegetarian pizza which had some pretty awesome toppings - kalamata olives, artichokes, zucchini, eggplant...(Principles don't just waltz out the door just because someone else claims that something is delicious. Not if they mean something to you.)

Anyway, another fireworks show was put on right outside on the bay and this is what we saw from our table -

John has been doing all sorts of different things for the conference. On his first day, he was unloading boxes, restocking supplies, and hooking up cables and such. Then they had him helping out at registration: looking people up in the computer and checking them into the conference. Yesterday was a particularly hard day for him. He worked in the store and pretty much spent all day folding shirts. There was a lady walking around picking up all the shirts that had been slightly nudged out of place by passersby. She'd completely unfold them and put them in a pile to be re-folded - by John. Needless to say, he was a bit irritated by the end of the day.

Today we are heading out on a boat tour after John gets out of work. After that, it's going to be all about taking it easy and relaxing. I hope the weather cooperates!

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