Saturday, July 10, 2010

Exploring the Bay

There were more fireworks tonight!

John has been working at the conference all day. I did some computer/camera organizing this morning and then headed out to the nearest TI to set up my sightseeing plan for tomorrow. I recommend always hitting the TI whenever one is available. The people there are knowledgeable and they offer discounts! I remember when Tiffany and I were in Cork, Ireland. We had been having trouble finding our B&B guy. We had found the B&B but there was no answer at the door. The TI people knew him and phoned him for us but they also had no luck. They recommended talking to the neighboring B&B for information. As it turned out, the owner of the B&B actually knew what was going on (our B&B guy had had an emergency) and had been asked by our original B&B person to accommodate us! But I digress...
I decided to spend the day relaxing and exploring along the bay. I took my time walking up and down the shore between the convention center and the maritime museum. At the USS Midway I even sat down for a bit to enjoy the sights, the smell, and the breeze. (I miss living on the water.) Another photographer saw me at my spot and decided to join me. Idea stealer! (And quiet moment killer!) At around 2:30 I got to meet up with John for a little bit during his break.

There is plenty of art along the walkway -

My favorite was the Octoscope:
This is what you might see if you look inside - (I am so proud of this pic!)

There are several monuments along the way -

USS Midway - I spent almost half an hour sitting near here just looking out at the bay and photographizing.

Plenty of street vendors. This one was my favorite. He's making roses out of palm fronds.
Water crafts -
Bob Hope -
A sculpture (déjà vu)

Seaport Village - I plan on visiting again tomorrow.
I saw a bride and groom get on a pedicab after getting married on this boat. Why they chose a tacky pedicab is a mystery to me...
View of some of the city from the walkway -

Star of India ship:

I had dinner at de'Medici, an Italian restaurant not far from our hotel. I don't know if it was the way I looked or the fact that I was dining alone, but they treated me really, really well. Suspiciously well. I got the distinct impression that they thought I might be reviewing their restaurant. The owner even came by and said hello and asked if I wanted more bread. Just about every server came and asked if I wanted more bread! I even heard the owner whisper in Italian to a server, telling him to ask me if I wanted more bread. I should learn Italian. So much of the vocabulary is identical to Spanish! Anyhow, just about every server in the restaurant came to see how I was doing at some point. I declined the offer for more bread at least ten times, explaining almost each time that if I had any more bread, there wouldn't be any reason for them to bring out the main course. And when I got the bill, I was charged less for my meal than was printed in the menu. I wish I was reviewing the place...I would have a lot of good things to say.

John just finished up at the conference for the night. They had some social things this evening and he is a little tipsy and having trouble finding the hotel again. He has phoned a few times trying to figure out how to get back and despite the facts that a.) he started out walking in a huge circle, and b.) I've corrected his course twice already, he keeps questioning my map-reading abilities. (I did it without the map. You only have to get onto two streets and then BAM you're here! I don't know WHAT he's doing!!!) Well, that might be him knocking at the door. Haha. He's here now and all is well.

Until next time!


  1. Ok, first of all, I wasn't tipsy. Second of all, I had gotten turned around when exiting the building, and so walked in the wrong direction at first. Beyond that I was just calling to clarify my course because it was through a shady neighborhood that I hadn't been before.

    John WAS tipsy; he's just too proud to admit it.
    Also, walking the wrong direction from the hotel meant walking toward the bay...which should have been obvious. AND he wouldn't have been walking in a shady part of town had he listened to me and walked down Market Street instead of whatever alcohol-driven path he took.
    End. Of. Discussion.

  3. TI's ROCK!!!! All I remember was driving around in circles-on the wrong side of the road-trying not to wreck and kill my friend. Mission Accomplished!!!