Thursday, July 15, 2010

Family Night at the ESRI Conference

Yesterday morning, John walked me to the starting line of the ESRI 5K. It was a really fun race and the weather was gorgeous. Nice workout. I really need to make exercise a regular thing again!

At 4:00 I joined John for Family Night at the conference. I was finally able to see all the exhibits and the stuff that John had been doing all week! We had a lot of fun walking around collecting swag. I just hope we can still pack everything up for the plane ride!

John at the conference -

John reading instructions for a pedometer that was given away at the conference -
This one difference between the two of us. I never read instructions for stuff like this. He does. But it worked out for him because now he isn't stuck reading all of the settings and such in metric. :)
John and me posing for a pic with some celebrities at the conference -
We ate dinner at de'Medici, where I had eaten a few days ago. We weren't asked once if we wanted more bread. We also were not visited by anyone other than our waiter and our busboy. So I really do think something weird was going on when I ate there the other day! We went to the Ghirardelli shop for dessert where I had a really crappy mocha. John had a chocolate malt shake. We stayed up late watching Mitchell and Webb clips on youtube. Fun times. :-)


  1. Oh, how I love David Mitchell. Thank you so much for introducing me to him! :)

  2. LOVE Mitchell and Webb! I remember when we found them in Dublin--great times!!