Friday, July 2, 2010

It begins...Introducing Bowser!

Well, I decided that I wanted to organize today. That decision resulted in the creation of three blogs.

I've always been into keeping journals and such but the trouble is that I often lose them and end up with several different notebooks lying around, each of which contains a scattering of entries that have no relation to one another whatsoever.

Since I spend sooooo much time on the computer, I thought it might do to start a few blogs on the most important aspects of my life so far, which include gardening, cooking, and the various home improvement projects that we seem to be constantly working on simultaneously.

Happy Chappy House
This blog will keep you updated on the various things we have going on inside the house including house projects, pets, and life in general.

Happy Chappy Gardens
A place for me to brag about and share my excitement over our plants and the things that we do with them.

Happy Chappy Kitchens
John is an excellent cook. I like trying new things. Here we'll tell you about our kitchen successes, as well as our mishaps.

I also have a travel blog called "I Want the World," which you should feel free to check out every now and then. It probably won't be updated as often as the others will be.

As a rule, I am going to try to include at least one photo in each blog to keep things interesting and fresh. So without further ado, here is a picture of our dog:

His name is Bowser and he is a handful! He's still a puppy, though, so he is forgiven. Rob and Jessica rescued him off the side of the road between Austin and Houston. According to the people giving him away, the mother is Rhodesian Ridgeback and the father is "some sort of terrier mix." (I'm beginning to suspect that would be a pittbull terrier-mix.) Anyway, they brought him to Houston with the intention of finding him a home on Craig's List. However, John and I were also on the way to Houston that weekend and had been talking about wanting a dog for quite some time. Although we had agreed that it probably wasn't a good time for either of us to bring a dog into the house, John couldn't help carrying Bowser around like a newborn baby the entire weekend. When it came time to leave, Bowser came with us. We don't regret it. :)

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  1. I just want to comment that every time I have to say or write "Rhodesian Ridgeback" I'm battling against saying/writing Norwegian Ridgeback. Damn that J.K. Rowling!