Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Squid

Together, John and I have about a billion art supplies that will probably see the light of day only a handful of times each year. And that's sad. I'd like to change that.

John busted out one of his sketch books months ago to draw out plans for the Kitty Palace (stay tuned...) and it's been sitting on the dining table ever since. He pulled out markers last week to organize our chore chart (stay tuned...) and they have been sitting on the dining table ever since. We've been watching a lot of Planet Earth, Blue Planet, and the Life of Birds lately, thanks to Trey and the SFASU Steen Library. Sketch Book + Markers + Never-ending Cycle of Amazing Wildlife on Film =
The Squid

It's not much and it will probably be a while before I produce anything worthy of a frame, but I think it's a fun start. I've never done anything with markers before. I might do a whole marine series using just marker. We'll see.

Chris, maybe I'll finally get you that painting after all!


  1. Very nice.


  2. Man, I'm always amazed at people with artistic talent. You always talk bad about your work, Erica, but I'd hang this one on my wall for sure! :)

    And, by the way...aMOMynous...I LOVE it! I literally LOLed at that one!

    I have no idea why I intentionally misspelled "squid" it just had to be done. I think I did it to emphasize the "cuteness" in my voice that manifested from my GENUINE appreciation for the picture.