Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bowser and the Pool

Bowser here. I had SO much fun at Grandma & Grandpa's house while my parents were away! I got to swim in the pool again! I'm a much better swimmer now because I've pretty much got the hang of not sinking. The trick is to keep moving. If I stop running in the water, my butt starts sinking and then the rest of me goes down with it. AND I know how to get in and out of the pool! You have to use the steps. It's hard to get back out of the pool if you don't use the steps. I can't do it without the steps. And guess what - I can stick my WHOLE FACE under the water! I can, I can! My daddy likes to swim under me and trick me but sometimes if I put my head under the water, I can look for him under the water. Haven't figured out how to get to him when he's under there, though. Not sure if I want to.

Turn on the sound for these videos! Turn up the volume, too!!!!!
The woman talking in the background is Grandma. She was our videographer!

I'm so awesome at jumping now. Watch me as I go for this ball -

I like for everyone to stay close to me in the water. I hate it when Mommy or Daddy swims away across the pool. I yell at them to come back and if they don't, I go after them. When they're both swimming away from me, I start to feel really conflicted and I don't know who to swim after. Usually I pick Daddy, though. He's mostly my favorite. When Daddy yells at me, Mommy is my favorite. Here's Grandpa trying to sneak away from me. I know your tricks, Grandpa. I know your tricks.

Here's a blooper video from when they were trying to film me.

Swimming made me really good at stuff. When we got home, I was able to jump on Mommy and Daddy's bed! I had never done that before! I'm so strong now! And Mommy and Daddy said I'm lighter because the pool water bleached me. I haven't noticed. I could get used to hanging out a pool, though. Ever since we've all been back at home, I have been BORED OUT OF MY MIND! Swimming tires me out so much. I want a pool, I want a pool! Tell Mommy and Daddy to get me a pool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa for taking care of me and letting me swim in the poooooollll!!!!


  1. Wow, looks like you need to come swimming in our lake again. You have the best grandma and grandpa in the world, luck you.

  2. You're a better swimmer than I am, but I'll get better. :D

    -Bruce the Cat