Monday, August 16, 2010

Kingwood - Bowser and the Pool

Picture Post!!!

On Saturday we headed out to Kingwood to see John's family, where Bowser got to spend more quality time at the pool -

Family Portrait
Bowser is a really fast swimmer now and we are just so proud! Check out this fantastic form!
Here he is taking a little break.
This is what you would see about 97.3% of the time if you were watching Bowser in the pool. When he's not being held by John, he's chasing John.
Here he is beginning a chase. I LOVE watching Bowser leap into the water!
We think that Bowser comes after us because he's trying to save us. If we're just sitting on the pool steps, he'll stick his face under and try to lift our arms out of the water. He barks like mad if we swim away from him, and if we're not careful, he'll leap into the water right on top of us. One thing I wish we had gotten on video was when Bowser leaped into the pool right on top of me while I was trying to swim a lap. I've got a little nick under my eye where one of his claws got me. Totally didn't see it coming.
He swims right up to John and John takes him into his arms. It's so cute, although here Bowser looks a little tired...
In this pic, John was really excited about Bowser having looked at the camera for the previous pic. I think it's funny that in neither pic are both of them looking at the camera.

Kudos to Karen for taking pictures. We had a really fun time and are going to try to get to Kingwood more often to visit. It's so nice to get the heck out of Nacogdoches every once in a while and visit with family. We're so lucky to have people so close by.

On another note, I would have posted more pics/videos of me, but my swimsuit top kept riding up and exposing the bottoms of my boobs!!! My top is either too small or I'm tying it in too much of a hurry. Tips, anyone?


  1. No boob-saving tips, but these photos of Bowser are just great! I love happy, tired puppies, and he is such a good looking dog! Seamus also loves the water, but Calvin is still scared of it. I can't wait until they're both swimming dogs.

    Glad you had a fun weekend out of town! I need to do one of those soon.

  2. He IS good-looking, isn't he? I think he's strong enough to start running with me soon!

  3. You're such a good blogger, great work. Let's go try to plan a trip to Kingwood at the same time sometime soon.
    Did you ever see Milo in the pool? He acted just like Bowser acts, trying to save people and chasing John around. Funny.
    Just appreciate that you have boobs for your swimsuit to ride up on :)
    -Jessica (not Rob, clearly)

  4. Jessica, we plan on heading down to Kingwood again the weekend of Aug 27th, if you guys are free! Never got to see Milo in the pool, but I've heard a lot about it ever since Bowser started swimming. :-)