Sunday, April 24, 2011

What a Weekend!

This is what the kitchen looked like on Thursday -

Everything covered in dust from sanding the walls, tools and materials all over the place, appliances everywhere but where they're supposed to be -

It took a lot of sweeping before we could even think about painting the walls while the boys worked on installing the heavy appliances -
-Working on the Sink
-Cleaning of appliances
-Faucet installation

The girls painted the walls while the boys continued to do the hard stuff -
Installation - Oven, Range Hood, Garbage Disposal

Lots of different things were going on simultaneously -
Saturday -
Installation - Lights
Face plates
Finishing Touches
Cooking for the party

Cleaning was still going on the day of the party while we started cooking. We may still be in our work clothes and jammies but doesn't the kitchen look good? -

So the timing was a little off; we weren't quite ready to serve our guests but good conversation was had as some of our friends helped chop vegetables, fill samosas, and watch the stove to make sure nothing burnt while I juggled the different items on the menu!

John served chicken teriyaki -

And brought out the cake -

Which he decorated himself -

My favorite part of our party was telling our kitchen stories, talking about the people who gave me cards and presents, and recognizing those who helped out...and posing for pictures. :)
Later, as we were getting ready to go to sleep, John said he had one more thing for me - a ring that his father had given to his mother on their anniversary the day before John was born. He used it to propose.

I said yes.
And we posed for pictures the next day in our morning faces. :)


  1. I was so sorry to miss your party, but the kitchen looks great. Even better looking? That ring on your finger! Congratulations on your engagement! Yay love!

  2. Jason and Melissa FordApril 28, 2011 at 1:36 PM

    Aunt Janet just shared the happy news with us. Congratulations on your engagement!