Saturday, April 2, 2011

March Kitchen Update and other projects

A lot of people have been asking about the status of the kitchen. Well, over two months after starting this ordeal, we still don't have one. Here are some pictures of what has been done so far...

This is the kitchen after we tried sanding and making what was there somewhat decent. We gave up and started ripping this stuff out.

After getting the bar area out by ourselves, we called in the aid of my dad.

All cabinets are out, and the walls have been patched and primed.

And now we have the new cabinets.

We are still waiting for the word on when the counter tops will be installed. Then we'll still need to put up the back splash, lights, finish patching the walls, prime and paint, put up the book shelf around the living room, trim the doors and windows before we'll be able to call this all finished and move our stuff into the kitchen and family room.

You may be wondering what happened to the old kitchen: it's on the patio.

This pile of wood was sitting on our patio, slowly weighing down our already badly weathered ping pong table for about a month, until I spent the whole weekend pulling out nails and sorting.

Now our patio looks like this.

We took a break from working inside to appreciate the weather, do a little spring gardening, and repair the poor old ping pong table.

The table has been sanded, and the backsides have been painted black. I built a frame for each side for better structural support, so when I'm done, we'll be able to use the table for other things as well.

This is the stage they are at currently. I will prime and paint these pieces, and I am constructing some legs which I will attach with bolts to the frames underneath the table top. I will varnish the whole thing to make it more weather resistant.

We also put up a new mailbox. Our old one has been smashed by the fist of a drunk adolescent college kid from next door, warped by someone who doesn't know how to back up a truck, and thrown into the neighbor's yard by a drunk driver. So, we moved it, replaced it, and put plenty of reflective tape on it. Maybe, just maybe, that will be enough to protect it from the ravages of a college town.


  1. Nice post! Love you! -Erica

  2. The new cabinets look amazing! I can't believe what a difference they make, despite their unfinished condition. Hopefully everything will be done by the next time I come to visit so I can see the finished product! :)

  3. to quote Erica "nice post". Slowly but surely this will be finished. Glad to read an unpdate.

  4. Erica - did you comment on your own post so it would look like you had more readers? :) Cool Ping Pong project. Did you know I am the standing Ping Pong champion of the Katy Alternative School Ping Pong Championships, year 2000? I bet you didn't.

  5. Katie, Believe it or not John wrote this post all by himself!