Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Taking Down the Tree

There was this dead hackberry in the back yard leaning precariously toward a house on the other side of the fence for a long time. We've been worried about it since moving in but thought that taking it down was a bigger project than it truly was... so naturally we put it off!

First we called Old Gappy Tree Services. (It was the first tree service we found online.) The owner came out the next day and gave us a HUGE estimate and promised that we'd be able to schedule something for that week. John called them repeatedly to try and schedule. Once the secretary said she'd leave a message for the owner and that he'd get back to us that afternoon. He didn't. John called again and somehow got cut off while talking to the secretary. John called again and the owner answered but curtly said, "Now's not a good time" and hung up. Then we found out that their truck might not be working. Well, clearly this wasn't working out! I told John that we should take all this as a sign that we should NOT go with this service.

We then called and left messages with every tree service in the phone book. Only one got back to us the same day. Another tree service called the next day. (We never heard from any of the others!) When Drewery Tree Services got back to us the same afternoon that we called, we were really, really excited because we had been starting to feel a little gloomy about the whole project. We got SUPER excited when Drewery said he'd come that very afternoon to give us an estimate. Then, we got SUPER DUPER excited when Drewery gave us the quote because it was WAY less than the quote we got from Old Gappy (about $300 less!). We went inside the house, drew up some paperwork, and chatted with Tim Drewery for a while. He's a really nice man. A pleasure to do business with, for sure.
The BEST part was that Drewery had his guys over here the VERY NEXT MORNING to take the tree down! The workers were prompt, friendly, and took care of business! All in all, once we got into contact with Drewery Tree Services, the entire process took less than 24 hours!

Take that, Tree!
The only thing we felt sorry about was depriving about a million geckos of their dark hollow abode.

Another plus is that Drewery cut all of the pieces into firewood. Bonfire, anyone? One rarely sends a Thank You card with a bill payment, but this time we did. This project was made sooo much easier by Drewery's efficiency and commitment to getting the job done. It was truly an example of a high degree of professionalism that we unfortunately rarely see in this community. Seriously - This totally made our day - scratch that - week!
So whatever happened to Old Gappy? Well, he called a week later at around 8am. When John answered Gappy said, "How about this morning?" John politely responded that we no longer needed his service, but thanks anyway; we got it taken care of last week. Old Gappy's response was "Well, thanks for wasting my time!" and then he hung up! Really?! Wasting his time?!!! Glad we didn't go with him!

Life Lesson: Don't ignore the signs that something isn't working out! Once you move on, you might find that life and its obstacles are much easier to handle!!!

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  1. I love that 1. you now have firewood! and 2. that you sent a thank you note with your bill. So classy and kind!