Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Past Jack O'Lanterns

We haven't carved our pumpkins yet because we've both been really busy. We think we won't have time until Sunday!!! I've got a good idea for mine, though, so don't worry - it will happen! I'm straying from American McGee this year having done jack-o'lanterns on that theme four times already. This year I was browsing photos online and I saw a really cool pumpkin someone else did. Naturally I thought I can do that better, so that's exactly what I'm doing. It won't be as detailed this year because I won't have days to complete the project. But since I'm thinking about pumpkins and we haven't posted for a few days, here's a photo post of some past Halloween fun to hold you over until we get around to this year's fun.

Here are some of my past pumpkins.
The Dremel pumpkins took a few days each to finish.
(I wish I could find the rest of my pictures!!!)
American McGee's Mad Hatter
I wish I had gotten a picture of this while it was lit. The parts where I took off more of the rind glowed brighter. I had a whole system going where certain parts of the face shone brighter than others. It was awesome. This took a long time because I had to draw it first and then transfer it to the pumpkin, retrace some of the lines with a Dremel, and then start really carving.

American McGee's Cheshire CatI think this may have been the first time I used a Dremel tool, but it was the second time I did the Cheshire Cat. I ended up drawing only half of the face, making a copy and tracing an inversion to make the other half. (Less work.) I plan on doing this one again in the future, but better. (Third time's the charm, right?)

I've also done the American McGee White Rabbit but those pictures are floating around in my box of photo negatives. I must still have the pattern I made somewhere, though...

Jack Skellington
This was a year when I actually did the carving after Halloween. I didn't have a whole lot of time, so I kept it simple and did something I could draw in just a few seconds.

This might have been from a pattern - I don't remember.
This was a year when I did quite a few pumpkins for friends, which explains all of those pumpkins in the background. I'm counting four of them in this shot.
(Why wouldn't you want to do your own pumpkin?!!)

Happy Halloween!

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  1. You are REALLY GOOD at pumpkins! I like Jack Skellington best. It's amazing!