Friday, February 25, 2011

Fringe Fridays

The Happy Chappy House has started up a new little tradition called Fringe Fridays. On Fringe Friday, our entire night is centered around watching the newest episode of Fringe on Fox. (in HD!) If you follow our Happy Chappy Twitter, you'll find that I sometimes can't help live tweeting the episode. After the show, we're usually in the mood to do something geeky. The last time Trey was over for Fringe Friday we did microscope photography and watched Flight of the Navigator.

Fridays on Fox
Why we love Fringe -
1. The Nostalgia Factor - Joshua Jackson plays Peter Bishop. John and I were both really big fans of the Mighty Ducks phenomenon growing up. It's fun seeing our favorite Mighty Duck all grown up in a big boy's role!
2. Badass Female Lead - Olivia Dunham is played by Aussie actress Anna Torv. She's a kick ass FBI agent with the ability to move between universes. She has had to overcome a lot but when all is said and done she's a strong women who stands on her own two feet.
3. The Amazing John Noble - Another Aussie with some fantastic acting chops. He plays Walter Bishop, a mad scientist who is missing pieces of his brain because he asked that they be removed. (He's currently trying to grow them back so that he can be on the same intellectual plane as Walternate - the Walter Bishop from the alternate universe!) You may remember John Noble as Denethor in LOTR: ROTK.
4. The Subject Matter - All the best science fiction: Alternate universes, teleportation, time travel, reanimation - I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it!
5. Leonard Freaking Nimoy - plays William Bell, the founder of the appropriately-named Massive Dynamic - a corporation linked to all sorts of mishaps that have threatened our universe. He sacrificed his life to get Walter and the crew back to their own universe.

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