Wednesday, November 3, 2010

TX Ren Fest

My mom had Halloween weekend off so we met up with her for the Texas Renaissance Festival. Our first big stop was the Haunted House -

We stopped by a woodworking shop. John has decided he is going to build one of these -

My favorite show to watch is Arsene -

We did the maze in record time -

My mom bought some flowers for her hair -

We watched a few people ride elephants and camels.
I do not know why someone would take their infant onto an elephant.

We saw Cast in Bronze -

We watched the joust and cheered for Spain.
France won.

A "Sea Wolf" harassed us from above while we shopped in a big boat-shaped store -
Wait. John, is that you?!!

We stayed for a brilliant fireworks show -
Bowser didn't come along with us to the Ren Fest, but he did have a fun time staying with Grandma & Grandpa in Kingwood. Of course, just as we were trying to leave, Bowser decided that he was not getting into the car without getting in some of his usual pool time. Despite the cold, he just plopped right in the moment all of our backs were turned.
We were off to Nac as soon as we got him dried off. A fun Halloween weekend, indeed.

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