Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Good Luck, Bowser!

The vet says that Bowser has some sort of stomach bug. :(
We are scheduling the neuter for a later date as a precaution.

This morning we dropped Bowser off at the vet to be neutered.
Just a minor outpatient procedure, but
Please keep him in your thoughts -

Send him good vibes!
These pictures should help...

This was taken the day Robert & Jessica brought Bowser home -
John just couldn't say no to that little face -
This is the first toy we ever bought for him -
(You should see it now)

Look at that face!
John took this one afternoon when Bowser fell asleep on us -
He still sleeps like this!
Here he is with his daddy, waiting for mommy to finish the Bunny Hop 5K -
His ears used to do the most adorable things -
He still gets into soooo much trouble
(That pot held all of our cilantro until Bowser got a hold of it)
The look in his eyes is often expressed as "maniacal"
But he never means to cause trouble...
Bowser's favorite thing is meeting new friends-
Here's a card featuring Bowser and Bailey, Adolfo's dog
Here he is taking a nap with May -
(My sister's dog - a chocolate lab)
Relaxing in the pool -
They grow up so fast...

We're going to be anxious all day-
We don't get to pick him up until late this afternoon.


  1. I love this post! What a cute scrapbook. How old is Bowser now? Calvin needs to get fixed but his little nuggets are being reluctant about the whole "descending" thing. He's only about 5-6 months old so there is still time! And he's not even close to Bowser's size yet - Bowser looks almost as big as Seamus!

    I love big dogs!

  2. @Chrissy-
    Bowser was 6-7 weeks old when we got him in mid-March, so he's about 8 months old now. Bowser differs from Calvin in that he's been showing us what he's packin' for some time now...and it's been a little unnerving-for John, especially! I don't think Bowser will get as big as Seamus, but that would be AWESOME! I like big dogs, too. I can't wait to ask the vet how much Bowser weighs now! :)

  3. Seamus showed off what he was packing and from what I remember, it was substantial. Calvin currently looks like he's already been neutered - there's nothing there! This is bad because if they don't descend, the surgery to remove them will be more intense and require longer recovery. But if they aren't removed, they could turn into tumors later in life. Every day, I give them a pep talk but so far, nothing.

    Can't wait to see more photos of Bowser!

  4. He is a handsome looking dog. Enjoy the surgery day, if he's like Harley, he'll be calm and cuddly for one day then back to his normal crazy self. Maybe one of these days we'll be able to get them together again. I bet they'd really have fun now!

  5. Dear Bowser,

    Get well soon.

    - Bruce the Cat

    PS - Stop eating my poop!